How to choose industrial general waste shredder machine?


How to choose the right shredder, is a big problem that has plagued the recovery of customer groups for a long time. The following will gradually choose the shredder, as well as the classification of shredder, to give you a detailed introduction.
First, the origin and role of the shredding machine
The main role of shredding machines is too large recyclable materials for coarse crushing and reduction of a kind of equipment, in the shredding machine has not been widely used, the main means of customers engaged in the recycling industry is to use the crusher. Here again to introduce a topic, shredder and crusher difference. Crusher is through the high speed (usually between 400 and 500rpm speed), high inertia impact way to break the material, this equipment in crushing light materials and small materials with high productivity, low production cost, simple operation and other characteristics, But for high hard materials and large materials if only rely on the characteristics of high speed, high inertia impact is unable to break the large materials. High hard materials and large materials need to use relatively low speed, high torque equipment to carry out rough crushing. The way to improve the torque is usually through the reducer to reduce the speed of the high-power motor, increase the torque to achieve the way. This is that we see that each shredder is driven by a reducer, and the crusher is only driven by a pulley and a counterweight wheel.

Two, shredding machine three kinds of classification
1. Classification from the number of shafts can be roughly divided into single shaft shredder (1 shaft), double shaft shredder (2 shaft), four shaft shredder (4 shaft).
2. From the driving mode, it can be divided into two kinds: motor driving mode and hydraulic motor driving mode.
3, from the need to tear material classification, this classification method is more complex, WANROOE machinery will roughly divide this classification method into the following categories, ① plastic hard material shredding machine (such as plastic pipes, plates, trash cans, plastic baskets and other surface is hard plastic), ② plastic soft material shredding machine (such as: Film, tons of bags, woven bags, bags and another soft state of plastic) metal shredding machine (shredding machine can be shredded metal), ④ tree trunk straw shredding machine (shredding machine can be broken straw branches).
Three, how to choose shredding machine
After understanding the classification of shredder, how should we choose shredder? First of all, when choosing shredding machine to understand the purpose of the use of shredding machine, is to reduce the processing or coarse shredding processing, at the same time to understand the state of the material, and then combined with professional manufacturers to accurately locate the type and capacity of shredding machine model.
For example, if I need to tear the large-caliber pipeline, in the market, some manufacturers recommend single-shaft shredder, some manufacturers recommend biaxial shredder, and even recommend four shaft shredder, and also recommend crusher can be. We first use the elimination method to solve, first of all, the crusher is certainly not, above we talked about the structural principle of the crusher and shredding machine, we have understood why the crusher can not be. This structure is mainly suitable for thin-walled hollow type containers, here can also be negated. Double shaft and single shaft shredder for comparison. Biaxial shredding machine drive mode is two motor shaft, the working principle is through the material in between the blade and the blade rotation occlusion of cut up, must be put in this way the material is within the scope of the motor torque under can only be cut up, otherwise there will be jammed, frequent positive &negative this kind of problem, large-diameter pipelines are usually large hardness, carrying capacity is strong. If you want to use a biaxial shredder to shred large diameter pipes, you must use a lot of motor power to achieve the best results. Single shaft shredder is driven by a single motor structure, the working principle is that after the spindle rotation, the material is pushed to the rotating spindle through the cylinder to drive the silo, the purpose of shredding the material. At the same time through the current control of the material and the spindle contact area, when the current is too high, the silo will automatically back the material and the spindle separation, the structure has small motor power, the use of flexible, do not consider how much material into the spindle can be applicable to the characteristics. Completely automatic operation, to save energy consumption and labor costs.
Four, conclusion
About the choice of a shredding machine, according to the characteristics of the specific materials and their own production needs to choose the type and model of shredding machine, can consult professional technical manufacturers.
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