How to choose blue plastic barrel shredder?


In life blue plastic barrels are common packaging barrels, can be packaged hydraulic oil, chemical materials, latex, etc., these waste plastic blue barrels occupy a large area, without treatment are difficult to stack and transport, want to solve the problem of storage of waste plastic blue barrels, you need a plastic blue barrel shredder! Then, in the face of many models of blue plastic barrel shredders how to choose it?

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The main role of the blue plastic barrel shredder is to shred a large volume of plastic blue barrels into small size materials, convenient for stacking and transportation. The effective shredding range of the shredder is the length and width of the knife box volume, so in the face of different sizes of materials, you need to pay attention to the size of the shredder inlet, the size of different models will vary. In order to avoid stepping on the pit, the following points should be noted when purchasing.

(1) first figure out the size of their own materials, combined with the actual demand to choose a different model.

(2) Combine their own production to purchase models that can handle the sufficient output.

(3) see clearly the overall configuration of the machine, motor, reducer, and electrical system used domestically or imported.

(4) Then look at the blade material of the equipment, because the plastic blue barrel shredder blade is a wearing part, choosing good quality wear-resistant and durable can reduce the subsequent maintenance costs of equipment, so buying this should also pay attention!

(5) the last one to consider the price, in the same configuration to choose cost-effective equipment.


The above points are wanrooe blue plastic barrel shredder selection method, still not clear how to choose the customer, you can contact our professional technical team for your selection, to recommend you the right processing equipment, to solve the plastic blue barrel recycling problem!

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