How to choose a proper cardboard core shredder?


What does a cardboard core shredder do?
In paper milling plants, it generates considerable amount of scrap cardboard cores which actually are defective raw paper. These paper rolls usually are of big sizes like more than 0.5m in diameter, and more than 1.0 m in length. After recycling, the paper rolls can turn into high-quality paper or paper products. The purpose of using a paper rolls shredder is to break the large paper rolls into small pieces of paper so that the recycling procedures can proceed.

cardboard core shredder

How to choose a proper cardboard core shredder?
If paper rolls and cardboard cores are thick, hard and also long, then a double-shaft shredding machine is not the correct choice because the shearing blades of a double-shaft shredder cannot swallow so thick items, instead, it will cause material jamming inside the chamber. A single-shaft shredder is a correct choice for crushing such kinds of paper rolls. A single-shaft shredding machine has many cutting blades/bits scattering on the cutting rotor, and along with the rotating of the cutting rotor, these cutting blades shave the cardboard cores into small flakes from the outer layers to the inner layers. The cardboard cores shredding machine also has a hydraulic pushing plate that pushes the cardboard cores close to the cutting rotor to make the shredding efficient.


But for short but large cardboard cores, double shaft shredding machine is working not bad sometimes. Also, there are more different rotor structures and shredders that can be designed to suit a different kind of cardboard core. Sometimes a combination of single shaft and double shaft shredder is a good solution too. Anyhow, it is quite important to know what kind of material exactly will be shredded.

What is the hopper type of cardboard core shredder?
The hopper of a cardboard core shredding machine is better to be the movable type, that is, the hopper can move forward and backward along with the moving pace of the hydraulic pushing plate so that the long rolls can keep in straight status during shredding.


How to choose a proper supplier for a cardboard core shredder?
Firstly, the manufacturer must have rich experience in producing cardboard core shredders. Secondly, the raw material and electric & electrical components for building the machine has to be from reputable brand. Thirdly, the blade’s material has to be of high hardness and high tenacity. Before deciding which supplier to buy a cardboard core shredding machine from, you’d better do an investigation on the suppliers from all the above aspects. WANROOETECH brand cardboard core shredders have built quite good reputation. You can go to to learn more about them.


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