Heavy Duty Shredder Machine


Heavy Duty Shredder Machine
In the cases that you need to shred large volume of material daily or shred very tough material, you need to use a heavy-duty shredder machine. Light models of shredders definitely are not powerful enough for such an application. Then a heavy-duty shredder normally is used in specialized recycling plants that need to break large volumes of various types of tough material. It is so widely used in some manufacturing plants that generate considerable quantity of rigid and high-toughness waste daily and need to break them into smaller pieces before delivering to recycling plants.

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What is heavy-duty shredder machine?
There is actually no clear definition for heavy-duty shredder machines. However, as a specialized shredder supplier, we normally judge whether it is a heavy-duty shredder according to the motor power. For a single shaft shredder, when the motor power is above 30KW, we consider it a heavy-duty shredder machine. For a double shaft shredder, when the total motor power is above 40KW, we consider it a heavy-duty shredder machine.

What material can a heavy-duty shredder handle?
A heavy-duty shredder can handle a very wide range of materials. Here are some typical types:

– General urban waste like paper, plastic bottles, cardboard, plastic bags, aluminum cans

– Industrial waste like injection runners, oil drums, filters, jumbo bags

– Medial waste like injection syringes, infusion bags, protective suits, medicine boxes

– Agricultural waste like agricultural film, greenhouse supporting poles

How much will it cost for a heavy-duty shredder?
Different manufacturers quote very differently due to the difference in design, technology adopted and labor cost when building a heavy-duty shredder. So far buying a heavy-duty shredder from China is still much less costly than buying one in Europe or America. Price is mainly in the range of US$20,000 to US$100,000, depending on how big machine you choose and which supplier you buy from. Finding a reliable shredder supplier is indeed critical, which will bring you high ROI rate and will also minimize the long-term repairing and maintenance costs. WANROOETECH is a leading supplier of heavy-duty shredders and its reputation is quite good. So you can access the website www.amshredder.com to view details of its heavy-duty shredders.

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