Polystyrene Foam Recycling PS Foam Shredder Machine With Hydraulic Feeder


Polystyrene Foam Shredder Machine
PS polystyrene foam shredder machine is single shaft shredder machine, This foam shredder machine with a hydraulic feeder, when dealing with hollow or loose materials such as ps foam, large blue barrels, etc., can be shredded above the foam shredder machine in accordance with the pressure device, through the hydraulic feeder pressure to force the hollow material to send the shredder cutting knife, can greatly improve the shredding efficiency.


The final discharge size of single shaft shredder is 30-50mm, the final discharge size of double shaft shredder is 50-200mm, you just need to tell us your final size requirements and output requirements, and we have a dedicated technical team will meet your requirements to meet the customer’s different budgets and actual plant conditions to customize solutions, so you do not have to worry about.

Why do we need to recycling polystyrene foam?
Polystyrene is a hard and solid plastic and it has versatile applications. Also, it can have much wider applications after combining with various colorants, additives or other plastics. For example, polystyrene appliances, polystyrene automotive, polystyrene electronics, polystyrene food service, polystyrene insulation, polystyrene medical, polystyrene packaging, toys, roadway, gardening pots and equipment, etc. Expanded polystyrene(EPS) or extruded polystyrene(XPS) is also made from polystyrene.


Both of them are popular foam materials which are for insulating and cushioning. When this polystyrene foam becomes scraps or out of service, landfill is not a good solution because polystyrene foam is hard to degrade or decompose in a landfill. So recycling polystyrene foam is much healthier for the earth as it turns discarded products into good use. Polystyrene foam shredder is the important size reduction during the whole polystyrene foam recycling process.

polystyrene foam recycling

Polystyrene foam recycling
The process of polystyrene is not so cost-effective. But there are many benefits to recycling. So it is quite necessary to start such recycling. Below are the main recycling steps for your easy reference:


First, collect polystyrene foam at the recycling center. Normally it is not within the recycling project of the local community. But polystyrene foam is recyclable material. Due to their bulky volume, it is not easy to manage them. So maybe a polystyrene foam baler is a good solution during transportation or movement.


Second, find an ideal polystyrene foam shredder machine to smash the polystyrene foam into small pieces. Of course, you can choose manual feeding or belt conveyor for different material inputs.


Third, when the small pieces after shredding come into compactor or densifier, they will be compressed or melted for easy management of polystyrene foam. Then these processed polystyrene foam can be produced into new products such as picture frames.

Polystyrene Foam Recycling PS Foam Shredder With Hydraulic Feeder


WANROOE polystyrene foam shredder machines
WANROOE brand shredders have many options for shredding polystyrene foam. We can tailor the feed hopper to your material’s actual size and shape. Also, we can control the final particle size by adjusting the spacing of the ridge and the screen holes. To conduct your polystyrene foam recycling, you can find WANROOE team for professional ideas for of disposing of these waste foams.


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