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Non woven Fabric Shredding Machine
Nonwoven fabric is very widely available in our daily life as well as in many industries. We can use it to make clothes lining, shopping bags, filter layer for medical products, agricultural heat preservation & protection products, so on and so forth. In China, the majority of nonwoven fabric uses polypropylene (PP) as its main raw material. As non woven fabric is a kind of plastic product, we can recycle scrap nonwoven products and convert them into raw PP material again. In nonwoven products plants, there is a considerable amount of nonwoven leftover and offcut material daily generated. Before recycling such nonwoven waste, it is a must to use a nonwoven fabric shredder along with a granulator. Fabric shredding machines can cut materials into very small pieces, so that the following procedures of recycling e.g. melting, reforming… can be carried out.

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How to choose a proper non woven fabric shredding machine?
As we know, there are single shaft shredders, double single shaft shredders, double shaft shredders and even four shaft shredders. Considering nonwoven fabric can easily twine on cylindrical objects during rotating, we don’t suggest a double shaft shredder or a four shaft shredder for nonwoven fabric. Because their cutting shafts will easily get twined and stuck.

Single shaft shredder is a much better choice. Because it has many cutting bits installed on big shaft and material will not easily twine on the cutting bits. Also, a single shaft shredder has a mesh screen that can control the output particles within certain size. A single shaft nonwoven fabric shredder can handle big pieces of nonwoven fabric. Also, it can handle relatively small pieces of nonwoven fabric. The screen mesh size of a non woven fabric cannot be too small. Otherwise, the fluffy and light nonwoven particles cannot easily drop off from the screen. Some nonwoven fabric shredding machine factories make Z shape screen mesh so as to let the nonwoven particles drop off easily, but have to make sure the Z shape screen is strengthened so as to ensure it has a long lifetime.

Single Shaft Fabric Shredding Machine Video

Double Single Shaft Fabric Shredding Machine Video

How do choose a proper supplier for non woven fabric shredding machine?
There are quite a lot of shredder manufacturers but not all of them are professional with manufacturing a non-woven fabric shredder, so it is important to make sure they have plenty of experience in manufacturing shredders for processing nonwoven fabric to make sure the detailed design of the machine does perfectly fit the characteristics of nonwoven fabric. Secondly, you have to choose a reputable supplier. Thirdly, you have to make sure the supplier has reliable after-sales team to follow up on the machines they sold so as to obtain prompt support once needed.

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