Do you know about rocker arm single-shaft shredder?



The rocker arm single-shaft shredder is an efficient material crushing equipment, specially designed to handle various large solid materials, plastic containers and barrels, plastic films, plastic pipes, fibers, paper and other materials that ordinary shredders cannot handle. In addition, the rocker arm single-shaft shredder also has a PLC control system with automatic overload protection and automatic reversal functions to ensure the stable operation of the equipment. At the same time, the screen holes can be adjusted according to customer requirements, and the shredder can also be adjusted according to customer specific requirements, such as output, different materials, etc.

Waste Plastic Bucket DrumBlue Barrel Shredder

Swing arm single shaft shredder machine is new designed especially for shredding various big solid materials, unmanageable materials, plastic containers and barrel, plastic film, plastic pipe, fiber, and paper which the normal crusher can’t handle.Small footprint. The materials are pushed into the shredding chamber by hydraulic. Independent drive system and solid structure make the running stably.



Working Principle:

The working principle of the rocker arm single-shaft shredder is relatively simple. First, the material enters the shredding chamber through the feeding port. Then, the blade on the single shaft begins to rotate rapidly to cut, tear and crush the material. The rocker arm device can help the operator adjust the position of the material to ensure that the material can enter the shredding chamber evenly. Unqualified materials will be brought back to the crushing area by the blade to continue shredding until the required discharge particle size is reached. Finally, the shredded materials are discharged through the discharge port.






Rocker arm single-shaft shredders are often used to physically tear waste into smaller pieces for easier handling, storage, transportation and recycling. It can handle many types of waste, including materials such as plastic, rubber, metal, paper, wood, plastic barrels, plastic pipes and plastic packaging boxes.




The equipment adopts a single-axis structure and is equipped with a rocker arm device. It has the following characteristics:

1.Efficiency: The rocker arm single-shaft shredder has high crushing efficiency and can quickly shred materials into fine particles to meet the requirements of different industries for plastic fragments.

2.Strong durability: The blades of the shredder are made of high-strength, highly wear-resistant materials to ensure a long service life of the equipment.

3.Wide range of applications: The rocker arm single-shaft shredder is suitable for a variety of materials, such as PE, PP, PET, ABS, PVC, engineering plastics, etc., as well as various large solid materials, plastic containers, plastic films, etc.

4.Easy to operate: The equipment is small in size, light in weight, and easy to install and maintain. At the same time, a variety of safety protection devices are used to effectively prevent mechanical accidents and ensure safe operation.

5.Economical and feasible: The rocker arm single-shaft shredder has low operating costs and maintenance costs, the crushing particle size is uniform, and it is economically feasible.

In short, the rocker arm single-shaft shredder is an advanced, efficient and economical crushing equipment, suitable for the shredding needs of plastics in various industries. It has simple structure, small size, light weight, safe operation, easy use and maintenance, It has the advantages of good shredding effect, uniform particle size and strong reliability.


Detailed Pictures:


The shaft of swing arm single shaft shredder machine

1) The unique hydraulic push system speeds up the shredding speed, especially for lightweight materials. 2) Each dynamic blade has four cutting edges and can be reused by rotating 90 degrees after wear. 3) Each fixed blade has two cutting edges and can be rotated 180 degrees for reuse after wear. 4) Quiet operation at low speed. 5) The screen aperture can be adjusted according to customer requirements. 6) The shredder can be adjusted according to the customer’s specific requirements for processing volume, processing materials, etc.

Shredded blue bucket

Shredded wood

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