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What is shredding machine supplier?
Shredding machine supplier is a manufacturer or distributor of shredding machines. Shredding machine is a very common industrial machine. It can be used in many fields such as textile industry, packing industry, recycling industry, etc.

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How to choose a proper shredder supplier?
According to applications, shredding machine supplier normally has plastic shredder, paper shredder, E-waste shredder, and so on. According to the structure of the shredding machine, there are main two types. One is single shaft shredder and the other is double shaft shredder. The biggest difference between them is the blades. Single shaft shredder has many small size blades on the shaft. When the shaft rotates at high speed, it will efficiently crush the material. A double shaft shredder has two shafts and there are foliaceous blades on each shaft. It shreds material by the occlusal force of the blades. One more significant difference between them is the size of the end products. A single shaft shredder can control the size of the end product by the screen. While a double shaft shredder does not have the screen, so the end product sizes are quite big.

If you only need to crush the material for internal waste disposal, a double shaft shredder will be a perfect choice. If you have high requirements on end product side, then you can use a single shaft shredder.

WANROOETECH is one of the top shredding machine suppliers in China. We have been manufacturing and selling shredder machines for more than 15 years. We are directly supplying our machines globally covering more than 100 countries.

After years of efforts, our team has set up a completed and effective service system. As a shredding machine supplier, we not only help the clients find the most cost-effective machine but also help them with shipping, installation, etc.

All of the shredding machines in WANROOETECH are made of high-quality material. The equipment complies with CE directives. We won a very good reputation from our clients worldwide.,

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