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Carton Corrugated Cardboard Shredder For Packaging

Paperboard single shaft shredding machine is mainly composed of blade spindle, fixed knife, bearing box, box support, feeding system, hydraulic feeding system, power system and electrical control system. Paperboard shredding machine is mainly suitable for recycling all kinds of paper products, such as recycling waste paper (bulk or packaging); Cardboard. Corrugated paper. Packing; Cardboard tube; Tetra Pak packaging, express carton, book paper, office paper, waste corrugated paper, parchment, newspaper, card and other paper materials and so on.

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Carton corrugated cardboard shredder is mainly suitable for recycling all kinds of paper products, such as Corrugated box, Paperboard, Carton box, Cardboard and corrugated cardboard, Juicebox, Paper-based products, waste paper (bulk or packaging) and cardboard. Corrugated paper. Packing; Cardboard tube; Tetra Pak packaging, express carton, book paper, office paper, waste corrugated paper, parchment, newspaper, card and other paper materials and so on.

paper cardboard shredder

Structure and Description:

Shredding mechanism: This is the core part of the cardboard box corrugated cardboard shredder, mainly composed of a rotating blade shaft, a fixed blade, a moving blade, etc. The rotating blade shaft is driven by an electric motor to rotate at high speed, and the moving and fixed blades cooperate with each other to cut, tear, and crush the corrugated cardboard of the input cardboard box. Moving and fixed knives are generally made of high-quality materials that are wear-resistant and impact resistant to ensure long-term stable tearing effects.

Rack and Box: The rack is the supporting structure of the shredder, used to fix various components, ensuring the stability and safety of the entire equipment. The box is used to accommodate materials during the shredding process, preventing material splashing and facilitating the collection and handling of crushed materials.

Conveyor system: Corrugated cardboard shredders are usually equipped with conveyor belts or conveying devices, which are used to automatically feed the processed corrugated cardboard into the shredding mechanism, achieving continuous and efficient shredding operations.

Electrical control system: including motor, control switch, protection device, etc., used to control the start, stop, speed adjustment and other functions of the shredder, ensuring the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

Cardboard shredder can turn a chunk of kraft paper into pieces. Recycling cardboard could save money on packaging costs. The waste would normally be transported to the shredder from departments and destroyed in a single location. These carton shredders will shred between 400kg -3000kg of waste per hour and deliver 40mm by 40mm pieces.


Working principle

Material through the feeding system into the shredding box, the box body bearing a shredding blade, pushing the material box will be pushed to the blade near the material through the shredding blade tearing, extrusion, shearing and other comprehensive action, shredding into small pieces of material, discharged from the screen hole.
Single shaft shredder is one of the most widely used crushing equipment. In general, materials can be delivered directly without the need for additional feeding systems. Equipped with large capacity special hopper and hydraulic pushing system, effectively prevent material from overhead, channeling, to ensure a fast, low noise, efficient crushing process. The low speed rotor combined with the cutter shaft structure which can adjust the cutting clearance makes the crushing of baled, long strip, drum and winding materials easier.


Efficient processing: able to quickly process large amounts of cardboard waste and paper products, significantly improving production efficiency.
Cleaning homework: Cooperate with the dust collector vacuum to ensure a clean working environment and meet environmental requirements.
Quick Destruction: Quickly dispose of cardboard, saving time, especially suitable for destroying confidential documents.
Resource recycling: The shredded cardboard is easier to recycle, promoting resource recycling.
Easy to operate: Simple to operate, easy to maintain, and reduces usage costs.



single shaft shredder pusher system Heat treated rotor knives
Pusher System
Reinforced baseplate can reduce the impact caused by material entering the cutting chamber. A dust collection device is equipped at the bottom of the pusher system to guarantee the long-term stable performance of internal components.
Heat treated rotor knives
Special DC53 steel (hardened) four edges use before the replacement
V-cutting rotor design Wear Resistant Tungsten surface coating
V-cutting rotor design
with staggered cutter positioning
Wear Resistant
Tungsten surface coating for abrasive applications
Electronic Control Screen
Electronic Control
Simply press the buttons on the control panel to control every movement, and “auto mode” can be selected on the control panel for fully automatic operation
Screen Unit
Wide range of screens with a variety of configurations and mesh sizes are replaceable based on customers’ production requirements. The paper shredder will automatically stop while opening the screen unit to ensure operator safety. The screen is produced and mounted in sections, allow for easy maintenance.
PLC control Hydraulic Station
PLC control
Making it easier for fault diagnosis and maintenance
Hydraulic Station
The pressure and rate of flow can be adjusted according to different materials.

Features and advantages of single shaft shredder:

As an efficient crushing equipment, a single axis shredder has a series of significant characteristics and advantages. Its low speed and high torque design ensures stable and powerful crushing ability, while effectively reducing noise and dust pollution, making the working environment cleaner and quieter. Its hydraulic feeding system and swing arm forced feeding structure make material feeding smoother. The 180 ° flipping function of the swing arm improves the utilization rate of the blade, thereby enhancing the crushing efficiency. The installation structure of the gearbox swing arm, combined with micro switch monitoring, can effectively protect the internal gears and motor, ensuring the stable operation of the equipment.

In terms of material selection, the single axis shredder adopts imported blades such as SKD11, D2, DC53, ASP60, etc. with high strength, wear resistance, and long service life, greatly extending the service life of the equipment. Even more noteworthy is that each device undergoes strict 80-100 hours of feeding testing before leaving the factory, ensuring the reliability and stability of the equipment and providing users with high-quality and highly reliable crushing solutions.

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Model PNDS-600A PNDS-800A PNDS-1000A PNDS-1200A PNDS-1500A
Dimension L*W*H(mm) 2455×1478×1700 2825×1747×1875 2825×2004×1875 2825×2564×1875 2825×2964×1935
Cutting Chamber C/D(mm) 1200×600 1410×800 1410×1000 1410×1200 1410×1500
Main Powerkw) 15-22 30-45 37-55 55-90 75-132
Hydraulic Power(kw) 2,2 3 4 5.5 5.5
Shredding Diameter(mm) 320 400 400 400 480
Shredding Rotor Length(mm) 600 800 1000 1200 1500
Rotating&Fixing Blades QTY(psc) 32+2×2 38+2×2 58+2×2 95+2×3 110+2×3
End Plastic Scraps Size(mm) 30-50 30-50 30-50 30-50 30-50