Bulky Waste Large Mattress Recycling Shredder Machine


With the popularization of the world’s urbanization, the acceleration of the pace of life and the increasing daily life, it has become a very serious environmental pollution problem in China and even the whole world. In which the large garbage is also increasing, such as abandoned mattresses, cloth art sofa, kitchen cabinets and so on everywhere, such a huge garbage is very difficult to transport to solve, many big cities are not out.

Bulky Waste Large Mattress

Bulky waste large mattress shredder machine is selected for the production of swing arm single shaft shredding machine design so that the volume reduction and drug reduction solid waste is harmless. The general abandoned sofa furniture needs to be broken into small specifications first, and then the funds are put into the heating furnace for incineration treatment, so as to obtain energy and electricity generation. This is the solid waste shredder that must be suitable for crushing large pieces of sofa furniture. According to the raw material characteristics of large pieces of garbage, WANROOE machinery research and development, production and manufacture of large pieces of furniture shredder, which can be immediately fed and immediately fed to achieve the practical effect of compatible drug reduction.
The key to large waste is to refer to the net weight of more than 5kg or routine physical examination more than 0.2 cubic meters or length of more than one meter and overall strong and must be disassembly and then use or solve the waste. Raw materials such as household appliance brands, metal objects, bicycles, old blankets, old furniture, TV series, etc.
WANROOE mechanical large garbage shredder is a large and medium-sized daily garbage shredder, technical expertise for the crushing of large garbage raw materials and design scheme. The key to the crushing of large mattresses is to crush and reduce the volume of such large cloth sofas, mattresses, furniture, wardrobes and so on. After a detailed introduction of technical professionals, these large garbage is thrown away if you want to give full play to the use value again, need WANROOETECH large garbage shredder to carry out.

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Equipment characteristics of bulky waste large mattress shredder machine:
1. The CNC blade is made of CrNiMo ferrite stainless steel imported from Europe to ensure that the broken metal material is not broken;
2. PLC touch screen PLC and Siemens motor are selected. All-in-one cutter box, CNC blade imported from Europe, excellent fastening technology, and various rolling bearing tightness ensure the reliable operation of the equipment.
3. The imported reducer is adopted, the transmission system is high efficiency, the output torque is large and the service life is long.
4. Select special fastening technology to avoid common equipment faults likely caused by the loosening of anchor bolts;
bulky waste large mattress shredder machine manufacturer
At present, although there are many manufacturers of large mattress shredding machines on the market, they can provide intelligent system services, video monitoring system management systems, dust removal management systems, and large garbage shredding machine manufacturers in large cities with relatively high quality. Wanrooe a technology professional intelligent systems shredding machine mechanical equipment manufacturers, in the production process especially attaches importance to the quality of the equipment, spirit pursuit of perfection, every stage have technical professional staff control, ensure the quality of equipment, and to give after-sales maintenance services, can help customers solve all problems related shredding machine equipment level, We provide professional, intelligent and systematic customized solutions to customers all over the world with the whole process of the considerate service management system.
If you have requirements for this equipment, you can leave a message to feedback to us. There will be professional technical staff to explain all the problems related to the large mattress shredding machine level for you, and recommend suitable equipment types and model specifications for you, and make detailed equipment or production line solutions.

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